1) Is It Really For FREE?
Yes, absolutely for free!
2) Transfer Coins and Withdraw Money Requests
yes, of course you can! But only VIP members can exchange the coins.
1. Minimum is 10,000 coins which is $1.
2. You must be at least 30 days our VIP member. (The VIP membership must be purchased by money and not by your earning coins!)
3. You need to add Paypal account to we can withdraw your earnings there.
You can also earn coins by referrals and then exchange it to VIP membership.
3) How Many Pages & Profiles Can I Add?
4) Why I Can Not Add Facebook Photo?
"ERROR: That photo cannot be added! We accept only fanpage photos!" This is because only Fanpage and Profile photos can be added to this module section. We are adding soon new module with name: Facebook Like Post, Where you will be able to add any post from Facebook and also any photo. Thanks
5) What Means Redeem Coupons?
This is Coupons made by us times to times, to giving the members FREE VIP or FREE COINS. We make this competitions on our Facebook Fanpage & Facebook Group . We recommend you to be updated LIKE US and JOIN our group as well. Like this you will know when we release new Coupons.